Garage Sale Kits

Let our Handy Garage Sale Kits help simplify the task of putting on your next Garage Sale. You'll find these colorful affordable tools both useful and convenient.

  • The preprinted self-adhesive price stickers offer a helping hand with the time-consuming task of creating price tags and labeling your sale items. With bold easy-to-read print it's simple for customers to spot a bargain.
  • The brightly colored directional arrows and decorative snap-apart price cards bring a bit of whimsy and fun to your sale.
  • The garage sale checklist (designed to be your memory backup) helps ease the chore of planning and organizing your sale. And the handy tally sheets are a great way to keep track of who sold what - and divvy up the proceeds.
  • Finally, the ‚ÄúSimple Tips" booklet is packed with helpful tips to simplify the entire process - and help ensure your sale is a great success and goes off without a hitch!

"This kit is definitely worth its weight in gold"
- Kristi R., TX

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